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The multimedia fiction work entitled +SERAPHIM+. A television series, progressive rock project, graphic novel, and two feature films are to comprise this work. This project is currently under-development, and is based entirely on what is revealed by the creators until publication begins.

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Seraphim is a supernatural speculative fiction story that is planned to be told through a range of mediums, though primarily, through a television series. The deuteragonists are an incarnated fallen angel and an anthropomorphic bioengineered musician. The series places a heavy emphasis on music, and can be approached as a product of the AMV, virtual band, and music video cultural phenomenons, in the context of nostalgia for classic film, animation, and music on the part of the creator. The story centers around trauma, healing, free will, deception, forgiveness, and redemption as themes.

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Eva by lazymills1986


Evangeline Wavy Hair


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