Colored Enronne from Lazymills

Enronne Ravenoah One of the dual protagonists of the series. A Brigadier General in the UNA during WWIII, then leader of the organization Cerberus.

She is a great singer and piano player, but always found martial arts and strategy to be her forte. A very close friend of the famous musician Evangeline Gabriel. Despite the fact that they are in very different fields of work, Enronne keeps in touch with Eva.

Even since she was a child, Enronne has had stange abilities and been very athletic.

Isle of Wight
Evangeline Gabriel

One of the dual protagonists of the series. Lead singer and guitarist of the progressive rock band The Evangeline Experience.

She is one of the clones of Kalinka, and was born with the superficial characteristics of a Tiger, along with some fascinating extra sensory perceptions. She has fur all over her epidermis, but is for all intents and purposes, basically human.

She has psychic empathy and synethesia. These abilities allow her to be in touch with, and articulate the feelings of the masses, and create songs that are both compellingly relatable and therapeutically cathartic. This, along with her unique appearance, propelled her into worldwide fame.

Back in High School Eva, Enronne, Julian, and Vanessa had a band called The Eagle & The Hawk. Her first album was released when she had a band called Motherless Chile. Only after encouragement from her fellow bandmates did she decide to change Motherless Chile's name to The Evangeline Experience, as a nod to her favorite guitarist's band.

Antimony Fibonacci

A member of Cerberus, and Eiphele's cousin. Specializes in automatic weaponry and vehicular combat.

Julian Kalinakov

Evangeline's husband, and the bassist of The Evangeline Experience.

Eiphele Fibonacci

A member of Cerberus, and best friend of Enronne. Has pyrokinesis due to her stigmata.

Nr. 5

A sentient robot found in a crate by Enronne. He is incredible curious about the world and unfailingly sincere.

Zabeth Kestral

First seen wandering around the UNA base in Kaliningrad in restricted areas. Wears a white mask with a cross on it.

Ezekiel Rhames

Keyboard player/Organist of The Evangeline Experience. The most recent member to join the band. Zeke learned to play organ in the church he volunteered at before joining the band. He never had much wealth before joining the band, but you wouldn't know it meeting him. His prized possession is his riverboat that houses an Aeolian-Skinner organ.

Vanessa Heart

Drummer of The Evangeline Experience. Like a sister to Eva, she is only second to Julian in how long she's been with the band. She gives their songs an infectiously fiery kick and is infamous for her uncompromisingly bombastic drum solos.

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